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How Tag.bio Makes It Easier to Interrogate Your Data

May 10, 2021

Moneyball Medicine®

The discoveries medical researchers and drug developers can make are constrained by the kinds of questions they can ask of their data. Unfortunately, when it comes to clinical trial data, or gene expression data, or population health data, it feels like you need a PhD in computer science just to know which questions are "askable" and how to frame them. This week, Harry talks with the founders of a startup working to solve that problem.

47 min 03 sec

Richard Fox: Scaling Genome Editing To Drive The Industrial Bio-Economy


Moneyball Medicine®

Richard Fox: Scaling Genome Editing To Drive The Industrial Bio-Economy

52 min 57 sec

Rana el Kaliouby: When Will Machines Understand Human Emotions


Moneyball Medicine®

Computers can interpret the text we type, and they’re getting better at understanding the words we speak. But they’re only starting to understanding the emotions we feel—whether that means anger, amusement, boredom, distraction, or anything else. This week Harry talks with Rana El Kaliouby, the co-founder and CEO of a Boston-based company called Affectiva that’s working to close that gap.

33 min 06 sec

Jason Gammack on the Promise of Spatial Biology


Moneyball Medicine®

Rapid and cheap DNA sequencing technology can tell us a lot about which genes a patient is carrying around, but it can't tell us when and where the instructions in those genes get carried out inside cells. Resolve Biosciences—headed by this week's guest, Jason Gammack—aims to solve that problem by scaling up a form of intracellular imaging it calls molecular cartography.

54 min 59 sec

Auransa's Pek Lum on Using Machine Learning to Match New Drugs with the Right Patients


Moneyball Medicine®

Pek Lum, co-founder, and CEO of Auransa believes that a lot fewer drugs would fail in Phase 2 clinical trials if they were tested on the patients most predisposed to respond. The problem is finding the sub-populations of likely high-responders in advance and matching them up with promising drug compounds. That’s Auransa's specialty.

48 min 33 sec

Eight Sleep Matteo Franceschetti Says it's time for a Smarter Mattress to improve your health


Moneyball Medicine®

This week Harry talks with Matteo Franceschetti, founder and CEO of the Khosla Ventures-backed startup Eight Sleep. The company' smart mattress, called the Pod, is one of the latest (and largest) entries in the burgeoning market for home digital-health devices.

34 min 05 sec

What's more important? Lifespan or Health Span? - Michael Geer


Moneyball Medicine®

Michael Geer is co-founder and CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) of Humanity Health, a London-based startup that’s building an iPhone app and subscription service designed to help users slow or reverse their rate of aging. Geer’s co-founder Pete Ward has described the app as like “Waze for maximizing healthspan,” that is, their predicted years of healthy functioning. This week Harry grills Geer on the app’s features, the startup’s business model, and the argument for better integration of clinical and digital data into consumers’ everyday health decisions.

49 min 39 sec

IntelinAir's AI-Driven Image Analysis is Saving Crops - Down on the Farm today but tomorrow.....


Moneyball Medicine®

This week on MoneyBall Medicine, Harry takes a field trip (literally!) into farming and agriculture. His guests are Al Eisaian co-founder and CEO of crop intelligence IntelinAir, and the company’s director of machine learning, Jennifer Hobbs. Intelinair’s AGMRI platform uses customized computer vision and deep learning algorithms to sift through terabytes of aerial image data, to help farmers identify problems like weeds or pests that can go undetected from the ground. The parallels to the digital transformation in healthcare aren't hard to spot.

55 min 50 sec

Tempus's Joel Dudley on Building a New Infrastructure for Precision Medicine


Moneyball Medicine®

What if there were a single company that could connect hospital electronic health record systems to a massive genomic testing and analytics platform? It would be a little like Amazon Web Services (AWS) for healthcare—an enabling platform for anyone who wants to deploy precision medicine at scale. That’s exactly what Joel Dudley says he’s now helping to build at Tempus.

52 min 32 sec

Christine Lemke on Evidation's Push to Use Wearables in Healthcare


Moneyball Medicine®

This week Harry catches up with Christine Lemke from Evidation Health, a startup in San Mateo, CA, that helps drug developers and other organizations analyze the effectiveness of smart devices and wearables in new types of therapies.

39 min 17 sec

Genuity's Thomas Chittenden on Using Genomics and Statistics to Eradicate Disease


Moneyball Medicine®

This week Thomas Chittenden of Genuity Science tells Harry about the company's work to use the power of causal statistical learning, Bayesian belief networks, and other advanced math techniques to understand that cascading gene interactions that account for health and disease—and translate them into insights that can provide drug makers with new targets.

54 min 38 sec

Andrew A. Radin Returns with a Progress Report on twoXAR


Moneyball Medicine®

Harry welcomes back Andrew A. Radin, CEO of the drug discovery startup twoXAR, where scientists model pathogenesis computationally to identify potential drug molecules and, ideally shaving years off the drug development process.

57 min 29 sec

Rayid Ghani Explains How AI Can Both Predict and Shape Patient Behavior


Moneyball Medicine®

In this week's show Harry interviews Rayid Ghani, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University who studies how to use AI and data science to model and influence people's behavior in realms like politics, healthcare, education, and criminal justice.

44 min 48 sec

Oura's Harpreet Rai on a Ring That May Change Covid-19 Detection


Moneyball Medicine®

This week Harry speaks with Oura CEO Harpreet Rai, who’s leading an effort to explore how a wearable sleep-monitoring device—the Oura Ring—can pick up patterns that may help diagnose COVID-19 infections and other problems.

46 min 42 sec

David Sable on the Genetic Revolution in Fertility Treatment


Moneyball Medicine®

David Sable got his start in reproductive medicine in the late 1980s, a time when he says fertility treatments were “very primitive.” But by the mid-2000s, he says, new procedures and new insights into the genetics of development had changed everything. His subsequent time observing (and investing in) the field has convinced him that reproductive medicine is “the most interesting area of medicine this century.”

49 min 27 sec

Elli Papaemmanuil Explains How Genomics Will Transform Cancer Care


Moneyball Medicine®

This week Harry speaks with molecular geneticist Elli Papaemmanuil about how newly available genomic data could lead to major improvements in the standard of care for cancer patients, leading to an age of true precision medicine.

52 min 21 sec

Gregory Bowman Explains How You Can Help Cure the Coronavirus from Home


Moneyball Medicine®

This week Harry interviews Gregory Bowman, an associate professor in the department of biochemistry and molecular biophysics in the School of Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. Bowman is the director of Folding@home, a distributed computing project currently focused on analyzing the structures of coronavirus proteins to find targets for new drug therapies that could help end the pandemic.

33 min 18 sec

Covid-19 Tracking Inside Companies, With SaferMe's Clint Van Marrewijk


Moneyball Medicine®

Harry’s guest this week is the founder and CEO of a New Zealand firm, SaferMe, that had developed proximity-based smartphone apps for worker safety. When the coronavirus came along, their apps turned out to be a great way to help companies build their own “contact tables” to identify, test, and isolate SARS-CoV-2 carriers.

30 min 15 sec

Ulo Palm on P-Values: What They are and Why They're Past Their Prime


Moneyball Medicine®

This week Harry quizzes Ulo Palm, the senior vice president of digital sciences at Allergan, about the long and problematic reign of the p-value in statistical analysis, and why it may be time for the biopharma industry to look to more nuanced measures of whether a drug trial succeeded.

43 min 03 sec

How Data is Critical to Engineering Antibodies to Block COVID-19


Moneyball Medicine®

Distributed Bio aims to use its computational antibody engineering platform to identify antibodies that protect against SARS and optimize them to block the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus. This week Harry gets an progress update from three key Distributed Bio scientists.

35 min 03 sec

Jacob Glanville Confronts Coronavirus Through Immuno-engineering


Moneyball Medicine®

Harry’s guest for this unusually frank and urgent episode is Jacob Glanville, the founding partner, CEO, and president of Distributed Bio. The company is using its skills in computational antibody analysis and optimization to help the drug industry develop new vaccines and antibody-based treatments for a range of diseases, potentially including the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

54 min 39 sec