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How Drug Development Guru Mark Eller Went From AI/ML Skeptic to Supporter

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How does an expert in pharmacokinetics, whose only exposure to computers was taking one semester of programming in college to meet a language requirement, become an advocate for the new AI-driven style of drug discovery? This week Harry finds out from Mark Eller, who helped to invent Allegra at Hoechst Marion Roussel (now Sanofi), spent 12 years at Jazz Pharmaceuticals; and is now senior vice president of research and development at twoXAR, an AI-driven drug discovery startup.

41 min 59 sec

Andrew A. Radin Returns with a Progress Report on twoXAR


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Harry welcomes back Andrew A. Radin, CEO of the drug discovery startup twoXAR, where scientists model pathogenesis computationally to identify potential drug molecules and, ideally shaving years off the drug development process.

56 min 59 sec

Rayid Ghani Explains How AI Can Both Predict and Shape Patient Behavior


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In this week's show Harry interviews Rayid Ghani, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University who studies how to use AI and data science to model and influence people's behavior in realms like politics, healthcare, education, and criminal justice.

44 min 20 sec

Oura's Harpreet Rai on a Ring That May Change Covid-19 Detection


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This week Harry speaks with Oura CEO Harpreet Rai, who’s leading an effort to explore how a wearable sleep-monitoring device—the Oura Ring—can pick up patterns that may help diagnose COVID-19 infections and other problems.

46 min 14 sec

David Sable on the Genetic Revolution in Fertility Treatment


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David Sable got his start in reproductive medicine in the late 1980s, a time when he says fertility treatments were “very primitive.” But by the mid-2000s, he says, new procedures and new insights into the genetics of development had changed everything. His subsequent time observing (and investing in) the field has convinced him that reproductive medicine is “the most interesting area of medicine this century.”

48 min 58 sec

Elli Papaemmanuil Explains How Genomics Will Transform Cancer Care


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This week Harry speaks with molecular geneticist Elli Papaemmanuil about how newly available genomic data could lead to major improvements in the standard of care for cancer patients, leading to an age of true precision medicine.

51 min 52 sec

Gregory Bowman Explains How You Can Help Cure the Coronavirus from Home


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This week Harry interviews Gregory Bowman, an associate professor in the department of biochemistry and molecular biophysics in the School of Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis. Bowman is the director of Folding@home, a distributed computing project currently focused on analyzing the structures of coronavirus proteins to find targets for new drug therapies that could help end the pandemic.

32 min 44 sec

Covid-19 Tracking Inside Companies, With SaferMe's Clint Van Marrewijk


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Harry’s guest this week is the founder and CEO of a New Zealand firm, SaferMe, that had developed proximity-based smartphone apps for worker safety. When the coronavirus came along, their apps turned out to be a great way to help companies build their own “contact tables” to identify, test, and isolate SARS-CoV-2 carriers.

29 min 50 sec

Ulo Palm on P-Values: What They are and Why They're Past Their Prime


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This week Harry quizzes Ulo Palm, the senior vice president of digital sciences at Allergan, about the long and problematic reign of the p-value in statistical analysis, and why it may be time for the biopharma industry to look to more nuanced measures of whether a drug trial succeeded.

42 min 43 sec

How Data is Critical to Engineering Antibodies to Block COVID-19


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Distributed Bio aims to use its computational antibody engineering platform to identify antibodies that protect against SARS and optimize them to block the SARS-CoV2 coronavirus. This week Harry gets an progress update from three key Distributed Bio scientists.

34 min 36 sec

Jacob Glanville Confronts Coronavirus Through Immuno-engineering


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Harry’s guest for this unusually frank and urgent episode is Jacob Glanville, the founding partner, CEO, and president of Distributed Bio. The company is using its skills in computational antibody analysis and optimization to help the drug industry develop new vaccines and antibody-based treatments for a range of diseases, potentially including the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

54 min 12 sec

Ramy Farid on the Power of Computation in Drug Discovery


Moneyball Medicine®

Harry interviews Ramy Farid, president and CEO of Schrödinger Pharmaceuticals, about the company’s success using chemical simulation software to help drug makers zero in on promising drug candidates—and about its recent IPO, which brought in more than twice as much cash as the company expected.

28 min 24 sec

Illumina's Phil Febbo on Sequencing, Coronavirus and Viral Outbreaks


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As the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak spreads in Asia, Harry speaks with Phil Febbo, the chief medical officer of Illumina, one of the world’s largest makers of equipment for high-throughput DNA sequencing. Febbo highlights sequencing’s emerging contribution to the understanding and treatment of infectious disease.

28 min 09 sec

Daniella Gilboa on How Deep Learning Can Revolutionize IVF


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Daniella Gilboa is an embryologist in Israel working to bring the power of AI and machine learning to the embryo selection phase of IVF treatment. She explains how her new startup aims to automate this error-ridden process, raising efficiency and lowering the overall cost of IVF.

30 min 29 sec

Tom Davenport on the Analytics Gap in Healthcare


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Harry’s guest this week is Tom Davenport, who argues that the healthcare industry is way behind in its use of big-data analytics software to make smarter decisions about business and patient care. “This is a period of lots of opportunity to use new technologies to change healthcare, and God knows we need it, from a value-for-expense standpoint,” Davenport tells Harry. “But we’re not really at the point, at least on the clinical side yet, where we see a lot of direct applications. We’re still in the age of compiling transaction data. We haven’t used it much yet to make decisions and take actions.”

31 min 27 sec

Milind Kamkolkar on Seeing the Forest and the Trees at Cellarity


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Harry welcomes Milind Kamkolkar back to the program. The former Sanofi exec is now the chief data and digital officer at Cellarity, a Flagship Pioneering-backed therapeutics startup working to model cell behavior computationally in order to identify new drug targets and therapies.

37 min 54 sec

Alan Copperman on How Data is Transforming Reproductive Medicine


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This week Harry welcomes a guest who could be considered a "poster child" for the movement to incorporate more data into clinical practice: Dr. Alan Copperman, a New York-based specialist in reproductive medicine. He says the data generated by genetic screening of fertilized embryos is rapidly and dramatically improving outcomes for couples who want children.

26 min 48 sec

Gini Deshpande of NuMedii on Augmented Intelligence for Drug Discovery


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This week Harry talks with Gini Deshpande, the co-founder and CEO of San Mateo, CA-based NuMedii, a company making judicious use of big data and AI to speed up drug discovery.

28 min 07 sec

Chris Boone of Pfizer on Being a Data Hippie


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This week Harry talks with Chris Boone, a leader of Pfizer's effort to use new types of real-world data on patients—from insurance claims to lab tests to molecular profiles to data from wearable health sensor—to speed up drug discovery, development, and testing.

36 min 54 sec

Kevin Tabb of Beth Israel Lahey Health on How to Get Ahead of Change in Healthcare


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Harry talks with the CEO and president of Beth Israel Lahey Health, the product of Lahey Health's merger this spring with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and several other hospitals in the Boston region. How does Dr. Tabb manage change inside a growing organization that—by his own admission—has to build and implement new tools, processes and the actionable data it needs to evolve beyond the fee-for-service era.

35 min 12 sec

Peter Coffee and Salesforce's Vision for the Platformization of Healthcare


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Harry talks this week with Salesforce's vice president of strategic research, Peter Coffee. The computer-industry veteran and former tech columist says that in the era of 1) outcomes-based payments for medical care, 2) an aging patient base, and 3) ubiquitous sensors and continuous data collection, there's a huge opportunity—and financial incentive—for healthcare providers to employ technology platforms that improve the client experience.

44 min 57 sec