120 Years Heritage


One Liberty Plaza
46th Floor
New York, NY 10006

Scientia Ventures™ invests in early to mid-stage technology companies that target computational biology and chemistry, the digitization of medicine, and digital therapies as well as traditional drug development companies at the cutting edge of the life sciences. Our strength is working with entrepreneurs and big ideas to build companies with the potential to transform healthcare. Our Partners have a long history of working together, many of whom are former founders, operators or CEO’s of important healthcare companies and who have domain expertise across healthcare, finance and intellectual property.

Strategy, Experience, and Philosophy

We are a team that understands the science and technology breakthroughs needed to achieve radical change and because of that, our strategy is to focus on novel and unique innovations that have breakthrough potential.

We are a global firm that understands how to combine the expertise and network of our team with visionary entrepreneurs.

The experience, deep network and approach of our team give us a proprietary edge that allows us the flexibility to:

  • Build new companies around innovations we identify
  • Partner with existing companies to accelerate growth and commercialize their innovative products/services

Our team and network are focused on helping find the optimal strategic approach and solutions for our portfolio companies.

Our Investors and General Partners have a long-term view in the success of our ventures.