Episode Summary

Owning a dog can be a joy, but one sad downside is that dogs are highly prone to cancer—six million of them are diagnosed with the disease in the U.S. each year. Harry's guest this week, Christina Lopes, is co-founder and CEO of a company called One Health that's working to improve cancer outcomes for our canine friends. The company offers a precision cancer diagnosis and treatment service called FidoCure that takes what we’ve learned about genomic testing of tumors in humans and uses it in veterinary clinics. Vets can submit a dog’s tumor sample for DNA sequencing, and FidoCure's report will show whether the animal has specific mutations that could help determine which cancer drug will be most effective. Harry and Christina talk about how that process works, why dogs are more vulnerable to cancer in the first place, where she got the idea for the company, and how One Health's work could benefit dogs and humans alike.


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