Episode Summary

“LinkedIn meets ZoomInfo meets Zocdoc, but for doctors." That’s how H1 co-founder and CEO Ariel Katz describes the information service his company offers. It's a response to the fact that the healthcare is incredibly fragmented, with no central database or platform that everyone can use to share their professional profiles and get in touch with colleagues. (Physicians never adopted LinkedIn for this kind of networking because they just don’t switch jobs very often.) Without a central directory, patients can have a hard time find the right doctors, and doctors can have a hard time finding each other—say, when they might be searching for research collaborators. It’s an even bigger frustration for drug companies, who need to know which doctors can help them enroll the right patients for clinical trials. H1 is trying to solve all of those problems by building what Katz says will be the world’s largest graph database of people in healthcare. After participating in the 2020 batch of startups at the Silicon Valley incubator Y Combinator, H1 has rocketed forward, raising almost $200 million in venture capital. This week Ariel joins Harry to talk about how and why H1 has grown so quickly, and how better networking could accelerate drug development and help patients find the best doctors for them.


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