Episode Summary

Harry's guests this week are Sri Kosaraju, the CEO of Inscripta, and Richard Fox, a former Inscripta scientist who just rejoined the company. In reabsorbing Infinome—the Inscripta spinout Fox described to Harry in a spring 2021 episode of the show—Inscripta is placing a big bet on biomanufacturing, the creation and fermentation of genetically customized microbes that can pump out medical, agricultural, and nutraceutical products, and more. Inscripta had previously focused on a benchtop "bio-foundry" machine called Onyx that that makes programmed edits to bacterial or yeast cells at thousands of different points in their genome in parallel. Now it's pivoting away from selling the machine and instead focusing on becoming a "power user" of its own technology—with the ultimate plan of marketing multiple biomanufactured products.


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