Episode Summary

Harry's guest Jen Nwankwo is the founder and CEO of the drug discovery company 1910 Genetics. The company focuses on finding the most promising new drug candidates for stubborn health problems—and it takes a refreshingly agnostic approach to everything else. 1910 doesn’t hunt for just small-molecule drugs or just protein therapies. It explores both. It doesn’t utilize just one form of neural networking or machine learning. It uses whatever model produces the best science for a given problem. It doesn’t hunt for drugs using just wet lab data or just computational simulations. It does both. It isn’t just assembling its own pipeline of drugs or just partnering with larger pharma companies. It’s working on both. At a time when AI and machine learning focused drug discovery companies are sprouting up faster than dandelions—each one touting some specific reason why its model is better than all the others—1910 Genetics is has a more inclusive approach to solving classic problems in pharmacology, and it’s one that should spread to other parts of the life science business.


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