Mark Finn


Mark Finn is a founding member of New Ventures Funds. His investment career spans more than five decades, including: Chief Investment Officer of Virginia National Bank; Trustee and Chair of the Investment Advisory Committee of the Virginia Retirement System; Chairman of the Investment Operations Advisory Committee of the Alaska State Retirement System; and, Independent director on the Legg Mason Partners Fund Board. He is a Managing Member of New Ventures I, LLC, New Ventures Select, LLC, New Ventures III, LLC and NVaS Solutions, LLC, and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the investment manager for the New Ventures Funds.  

Mr. Finn currently serves on the board of Cibus Global, a leading agricultural biotechnology firm focused on advanced non-transgenic trait development, where he chairs the Finance Committee and on the Board of Directors of Enterin Inc. a life sciences company focused on neurodegenerative disorders. He also serves on the Advisory Board of Auven Therapeutics, a private life sciences fund with an emphasis on oncology. He has taught at the University of Virginia’s Colgate Darden Graduate Business School and the Mason School of Business at the College of William & Mary, where he received his MBA.